Facials Vs Peels

The big question............ Why would Ichoose a Peel over a Facial.

When treating skin most people want change they have concerns like :

  • pigmentation
  • dehydration | dryness |oiliness 
  • wrinkles
  • reddness
  • sensitivity
  • enlarge pores
  • acne

So when we are dealing with concerns like the above that we want to see a change or prevent from worsening we generally will need an ingredient to travel into the skin to stimulate or heal areas that present concerns.  Chemical Peels are great for getting into the living layers of skin depending on the ingredient used will depend on the penetration uses such as Lactic Acid | Hydration, Glycolic | De Congesting, Anti-aging, Kojic Acid | Pigmentation just to name a few are all active ingredients used to penetrated and create change.

As time has passed a lot of companies including Image Skincare have created many forms of peels and have realised not everyone wants to look like Samantha from Sex and The City and be red and peel for weeks. So now you'll see peels mixed with a Aloe base so your superficial skin is protected and hydrated and then as time passes and manual stimulation the ingredient can be delivered into the living layer of skin ready to make change.

  Now you may find milder forms of these ingredients  in Facials .......... BUT Facials are a superficial treatment, They general work on dead skin and help with the texture of the skin allowing you to have that glow.

So when looking at booking for your next skin consultation remember

Peels > for Change and a series twice a year is ideal for change and prevention.

Facials > for maintenance and relaxation

At Body Wisdom we generally book a consultation before any skin treatment and look at your skin through an anyliser  to ensure the proper treatment can be preformed and results are gained.

AMy MArvelli