Hydradermabrasion, crystal free microdermabrasion with added hydration. This unique technology delivers liquid cooled diamond peeling with vacuum stimulation and product infusion.

What is HydraDERMABRASSION Facial?

Hydradermabrassion is a non-invasive treatment with no discomfort and takes less than an hour to go from tired, dull skin to hydrated, plumper-looking skin. We utilise a diamond tip remove dead and dull skin whilst infusing oxygen and delivering a powerful antioxidant into the skin depending on your skin concerns.

A little redness may occur post treatment; however, this should subside within 1 hour of the treatment. You can apply makeup immediately after your treatment and resume your normal activities.

Hydradermabrassion is a multi-pronged skin care process that can be carried out regularly over a long period of time, ranging from weeks to months. It involves processes such as cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and general treatment. It also involves the hydration of the skin with peptides and protective anti-oxidants.

Who is a good candidate?

This form of treatment works for all people across the board. If you are simply looking to keep your skin smooth, healthy and hydrated, then this is one of many treatments for you.

What can I expect after a HydraDERMABRASSION Facial treatment?

A smoother brighter tighter skin that allows for better product penetration and allows you to have that glow with our make up.



Full Face: $99

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