Introducing NEW Hydradermabrasion, crystal free microdermabrasion with added hydration. This unique technology delivers liquid cooled diamond peeling with vacuum stimulation and product infusion.


Mircodermabrasion $100 РCourses available 

Gentle vacuum pressure lifts skin to the crystal-free diamond abrasion head providing effective microdermabrasion exfoliation.

Powerful diamond head microdermabrasion meets vacuum massage and intense hydration in one easy to implement service. Great for all skin types, the Bio-Hydroderm combines AQUAFUSE infusion serums focusing on acne and age management to reduce the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation, skin that is dull and congested, or large pores.

The Aquafuse Solutions

Aquafuse Acne

Aqufuse acne solution contains salycilic acide to act as a keratolytic. Targets a reduction in oil and acne.

  • Contains salicylic acid as a keratolytic
  • Soothes and hydrates inflames skin and honey extract

Aquafuse Brightening

Aquafuse Brightening solution contains a combination if lightening agents such as ascorbyl glucoside, and niacinamide to target hyperpigemtation.

  • For use with the Bio-Hydroderm to light and brighten pigmented adreas.
  • Contains ascorbyl glucoside, a time released Vitamin C product
  • Niacinamide for skin smoothing and barrier improvements

Aquafuse Hydrate

Aquafuse Hydrate solutions contains a combindation of peptides such as palmitoyl oligopeptide, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 for cell renewal and reducing inflammation. Targets skin hydration and skin softening.

  • Great for dry, dehydrated, or mature skin.
  • Perfect for wet/dry microdermabrasion

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