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Image SkincareImage Skincare Image Skincare products are developed and formulated by internationally recognized chemists working together with a board of physicians. All Image Skincare products are manufactured in the USA and are unparalleled in their quality in today’s marketplace. The Image philosophy is to use superior ingredients to achieve outstanding results. Image utilizes the most scientifically advanced formulas in today’s marketplace to create pharmaceutical grade skincare products that give licensed physicians and estheticians the ability to offer professional treatments and products that yield unparalleled results.


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From 1984 until today, Mesoestetic, SL has become the reference in the medical-aesthetic sector thanks to the company constant efforts in research, development and innovation. Its founders, Joan Carles Font and Mª José Almansa, respectively Director and General Manager have an extensive experience in the pharmaceutical area.

From the very first day, Mesoestetic, SL aims to provide aesthetics professionals with complete and effective solutions.

The company develops the highest quality products whose production and quality control are governed by extremely strict security protocols, specific to the pharmaceutical companies; products whose effectiveness is proven and endorsed by scientific studies.

The team of Mesoestetic, SL is composed of professionals who have a long scientific experience. Men and women who are passionate about research, innovation and rigor.



 Youngblood Mineral Makeup

Youngblood is the premier mineral cosmetic line available, because of the luxury formulation, ideal milling process, and chic, upscale image and packaging. From the first moment you brush it on, you’ll notice the incredibly silky feel, and a polished, natural finish, unlike any other makeup you’ve ever tried. Clean and lightweight, it allows your skin to breathe and is non-comedogenic (it won’t block pores or cause irritation). Even with our flawless coverage, you’ll feel like you’re wearing no makeup at all. And unlike other mineral cosmetics, Youngblood never looks “glittery”; instead you’ll radiate a natural, healthy glow. It’s no wonder Youngblood has emerged as the clear standard, used in upscale skin care clinics and med-spas around the world


Aussie Bombshell


Aussie Bombshell Spray Tanning


Aussie Bombshell Tanning is an Australian Brand with a mission to create sexy, sophisticated sun-smart lifestyle prodoucts that allow men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes to feel and look like an Aussie Bombshell. Launched in 2010, Aussie Bombshell is an iconic brand primarily inspired by the Australian beach culture, particularly that of Perth. With a host of fabulous retail products and many more to come, we are confident you will fall in love with the Aussie Bombshell range, just as we have!

WellBox LPG


Wellbox by LPG


Based on LPG’s most effective professional technology (Cellu M6®), Wellbox® is THE 100% natural at-home solution that can make you more beautiful in just minutes a day. Convenient and easy to use, Wellbox® is perfect for slimming your body and making your face look younger. The mechanical stimulation of Wellbox® treatment heads work deep into the cells to revive their natural functions. The result is a resculpted body, firmer, younger-looking skin, and a visibly younger face. Reinvent your daily beauty routine with Wellbox®! RRP $2250 inc Shipping



Collagen is naturally occurring and the most abundant protein in the body. It is essential for maintaining skin, hair and nails, but in a cruel trick nature plays, we produce less as we get older. That’s right – from our 20s onwards, natural collagen production slows down, becoming more pronounced through our 50s and 60s.

Sourced using the world’s purest form of collagen, ProPlenish edible Marine Collagen is a tasteless, odourless, dissolvable supplement that turns clear in seconds. It restores your body with the nutrients it needs for a glowing complexion. And a younger looking you.

No injecting. No nips or tucks. Just the radiant, youthful appearance you remember seeing in the mirror.

Including collagen in your daily diet helps;

Hair – strengthens hair at the root by restoring collagen in the hair follicle to aid hair growth, thickness, texture and body

Skin – rejuvenates, supports and strengthens, aids in skin elasticity, smooths fine lines, tightens and evens out skin tone

Hydration and resilience – increases the skins ability to retain moisture for overall smoothness and plumping of the skin

Nails – helps to improve and strengthen splitting, weak, flaking nails

Muscles – assists with lean muscle gain and tone, training and exercise recovery.

SunEscape Tan     SE Logo.

Sunescape is your ticket to that post-holiday glow, without leaving home. Its lush coconut vanilla scent was also developed to conjure thoughts of the perfect tropical escape. Who wants a spray tan that looks like you’ve had a spray tan? Instead, after a Sunescape tan, people will be asking you “where have you been?”

Weekend In Bondi Tanning Solution


For those with pale skin, ‘Weekend in Bondi’ will provide a subtle, sun kissed tan, great for a winter pick-me-up to put a glow back in your cheeks, or even for those bronzed bunnies wanting slightly more depth to their own natural tan.

A perfect choice for brides, bridesmaids, first-time tanners or guys that don’t want their mates to know they’ve had a fake tan!


Week In Fiji Tanning Solution


A more noticeable bronze, ‘Week in Fiji’ will give an instant self-esteem boost and have you looking 5kgs lighter! Your teeth will look whiter, eyes clearer and skin flawlessly bronzed.

Our most popular colour, this ‘destination’ will give you a natural, healthy, holiday tan that is suitable for most skin tones and great for any occasion.


Month In Maui Tanning Solution


As the name suggests, ‘Month in Maui’ will develop into a deep, dark bronze and have you looking like you’ve enjoyed an extended, sun-soaked holiday. If you want a dramatic result, along with a major confidence boost, this is your colour!

Offering a noticeably deeper bronze,  this shade is great before a beach holiday, or during summer when most people have quite a bit of colour.


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